Friday, February 03, 2012

Poppet's Face Cane

Just a few pictures featuring my face cane process. I've been making millefiori canes for over 18 years now and people still believe my work must be painted!


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Your cane work is divine!
I found you through Pinterest this week and I appreciate the time you took to share your step-by-step process with us!
I am a polymer artist as well and I know that some people always assume we paint our cane work. :) (That would be a LOT of painting!)

I am a new fan of yours!

Amber Dawn

marilyn davenport said...

I also found you thru
Pinterest and I like your face cane and dragonflies. I also am a polymer clay and metal clay artist in the
US. My favicon on my sites is a dragonfly. Marilyn Davenport

Gramma Debbie said...

Love this face cane! She is so beautiful. I think it's a compliment when people think you painted your canes. I hope to do this some day, your work inspires me to do it.

Robin Scherzer said...

Wow Wanda that is by far the BEST face cane I have ever seen. I love it! My face canes are definately more "homemade" looking. I am pinning you so I can see your stuff. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work.

Elise Boam said...

Do you have a tutorial for these?