Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workshop Alert!

Back on my beautiful island home! What a whirlwind trip I had and now it's back to business.

This coming Saturday, May 31st, I'll be at Island Blue for their Art Fair from 12-2. Come visit me if you can!

I'll be teaching a basic polymer clay caning course on the following Saturday June 8th, at the same location.

The next workshop will be at the Beeks Lane Studio in Godfrey, ON. Georgia Ferrell, one of my wonderful pc friends has an annual Polymer Clay Workshop and she invited me to be the guest artist this year! I'm looking forward to having a weekend to share my explorations in caning with others this coming September.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another mention!

Thanks goes out to Cynthia Tinapple from Polymer Clay Daily, probably the most popular polymer clay blogs out there, for blogging my dragonfly and bug pins. I'm glad that I'm heading back to Victoria today so that I can make more of my creations soon. I'm very syked about getting back to claying after almost a month away from it.

Keep on the lookout for some 'new' things on the horizon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

National Post Update

Well, still never saw my pictures in the National Post...will have to wait till I get together with Gera. But since I now have fast enough internet, I can show you the pictures that I submitted to them.

Goodbye Newfoundland...I've found out what your beauty is....

Finally! I'm back in wireless internet world! Spending a couple of weeks of only having dial up access was like the stone ages for me. I can't believe this technology has grown so fast.

We left Deer Lake, NFLD yesterday and I miss it already. Though it only boasts a Tim Horton's as its only coffee place and a handful of places to eat was one of the warmest places I've ever visited. It helps when people always call you 'M'Love' when you talk to them :)

I had 3 goals when I was there...see a moose(Newfie speedbump), icebergs, and having fresh lobsters(ate 5 1/2 of them)! I completed all of them and then some! I saw a cariboo! It truly is God's country and probably one of the world's best kept secrets. I sure found it suprising how different it is from one coast of Canada to the other. Our country is surely a place I want to explore more of.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks to the National Post!

Thanks to Nathalie at the National Post....I'm in their 'Crawly Couture' spread with my bug and dragonfly brooches!

Too bad I haven't seen the photo spread yet. I spent 12 hours on airplanes and airports to get from Victoria to Deer Lake, Newfoundland yesterday. Yes, that's the shortest trip I could get from one end of Canada to the other! So, with slight jet lag, I just realized I forgot to pick up the paper!

Thanks to Gera, I will get a copy when I get back to Victoria.

For those who are interested in purchasing any of the bugs, I'll be back in the studio at the end of the month of May. For those who want to see me at a show, I'll be in the Filberg Festival in Comox Valley, BC next.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Catching up II: Devon's Birthday

I can't believe it, but my little boy turned 5 on April 7th. I still remember just bringing him home. It doesn't take long for them to grow up.

As if my life wasn't busy enough, I decided to make a birthday cake from scratch. My son had requested a dinosaur cake. Now, I could've made it easy for myself, make a flat cake....swipe a few of his dinosaurs....add a few trees...voila! A land of dinosaurs cake. But no! I decided to research and create a 3D dinosaur cake....guess I should get my head examined somedays. Six hours later...well, you see the results. Devon told me it's a dinosaur crocodile and a chocolate one at that!

My brother says I make cakes for a if I don't have enough career options!

Catching up: Sojourn Retreat...

In February, I attended the premiere Sojourn Retreat in Nanaimo. I was proud to be involved with the organization of this retreat by our beloved VIPCG. With Gera as our fearless leader, the retreat went off without a hitch (not counting the fire alarm going off on the first night!). It was nice to spend a weekend with a group of wonderful and creative ladies from both our guild and the Vancouver PC Guild. To be honest, I spent more time socializing than claying. I really enjoyed my classes and seeing the diversity of how others 'clay'.

I had fun with the workshops I gave. I hope my 'students' came out of there with less fear of trying canework.

I'm so looking forward to the next you hear me, VPCG?

A big and LONG project....

I've been so bogged down with my latest project, this blog has been terribly neglected. That project is the renovation of the livingroom/play area of our home. I never thought I would complete the drywall and mudding of it all! Mind you, if my polymer clay career doesn't pan out...I could become a drywall mudder!
We're at the last legs of the renos...and I'm so excited! Just in time for us to leave for 2 weeks to Newfoundland(my first trip) and a week in Winterpeg next Thursday. It will be nice to finally take our furniture out of the sea container in our driveway.