Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some new items!

So, I should be just in production for stock and supplying my clients and what do I do? I make a new item, as if I don't have enough!

I'm making business card holders now. Seem to be getting a good response to them. These ones are in a store in Victoria called Oscar & Libby's, a very funky place that you should go visit! They're the only store that'll be carrying it this season. I'll probably add them to my wholesale line for 2008.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A new promotion for shows!

This past summer, a good friend of mine suggested a great idea to showcase my millefiori technique at shows. I'm always trying to describe the process and most people end up with a glazed eye look trying to picture it.

A digital photo frame! What a concept!

I spent last night making a floral cane and documented the progression of it. So, now I have it uploaded to show all of you and also have a copy for my digital picture frame for the upcoming shows. Let's see if this will stop the questions being asked about 'how did you do it?'

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't we look pretty?

I'm thinking these orchids are growing on me...so to speak. I'm finding myself thinking about them and going in to check on them...see what is new. Am so excited when I see a new spike in a plant which signals a blossom is on its way.

Today, I decided to take some studio style pictures of a beautiful blooming Paph. orchid to try out my new camera, a Canon Powershot S5IS. I must say....love the pics that came out. I'm really starting to understand why my father has loved these flowers so much.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

VIPCAG-Sojourn Retreat is coming!

In February 2008, the Vancouver Island Polymer Clay Guild is hosting our first Polymer Clay Retreat - 'Sojourn'. We're hoping it'll be a get together of inspirational workshops and demos and a gathering of both 'newbie' and 'experienced' clayers!

I'll be giving a workshop during the retreat called 'To Market, To Market-tips on selling your crafts'. With 15 years of selling my wares in both retail and wholesale craft shows, I want to pass on some great tips on display, lighting, and selling techniques that may help others who are interested in doing so or improving on what they are already doing. I will also be able to offer some insight to those who may want to know the difference between selling 'retail' or 'wholesale' or deciding on what shows may be the most effective for them.

I am so looking forward to this retreat, it's exciting to connect with the Polymer Clay addicts of the westcoast!

Friday, October 05, 2007

New Studio!

First on my agenda with my new home is creating a studio. The space we took over in my mom's home was originally created as student suites. The included 2 bedrooms and kitchen and bath. Works just fine with us! The kitchen was totally perfect for my studio since it already included an oven and a sink, great for polymer clay! The cupboard space was great for storage for all my supplies and such.

We installed a nice ceramic tile floor, easier for cleaning and scraping off clay. A lick of paint and new custom counter, I'm good to go! As a treat for myself, I decided to get a LCD tv, since it takes up so little space! ;)

I'm already deep into production and the space is a godsend.

Orchids, orchids, everywhere!

Another interesting development with my move back to my childhood home is I've become the proud owner of a little greenhouse full of orchids. My father's sudden passing this Spring has left his legacy to me, a reluctant orchid owner. The reluctancy comes from the lack of knowledge and the intimidation of these exotic beauties. They are like divas, very picky with the way they are treated (how much water, temperature, pampering, etc).

I remember that last summer, my father came to me and said that if anything were to happen to him, that these beauties will be mine. My reply was please don't burden me since my life was full enough as is! I said this as I thought of all the time and energy my father had devoted to them.

I've been slowly learning about them through a good friend of my father who has become my mentor. He showed me that I don't have to be intimidated and that I can do as much as I'm able to and do not pressure myself. In the month or so that I've been taking care of them, I'm starting to really enjoy it. They're growing on me somehow, the anticipation of the flowers blooming and enjoying that they last for months at times. It's now becoming an escape, a bit of sanctuary for me....also a place for me to be close to my father, whom I still miss dearly. I'm understanding the devotion my father felt for these plants more.

Back to the WetCoast!

Well, I really should get on this more often. But as usual, life takes control and goes by quicker than I can blink!

This summer has flown by with our family moving back to my hometown of Victoria. Rough life moving from Winterpeg to Victoria (twist my rubber arm, as most Canadians would understand what I'm talking about). The most challenging of feats is moving the entire contents of our home into my mom's house (which is already full). We're slowly unpacking (still) and will continue to till all is done (whenever that is!).

Filberg Festival was a success again this year! I really love this show. Well managed and well attended. With beautiful weather and great musical acts (including Bruce Cockburn), it was successful for both the artisans and the attendees.

Presently, I'm busy making stock for orders and for my two Christmas shows this year. I'll be at the Calgary Art Market and the Winnipeg Signatures Craft Sale in the month of November. This will keep me quite occupied till after the Christmas season. Guess when it rains, it really pours. Hope my boxes containing my home will be able to wait for me!