Friday, March 17, 2006

Celtic Dreams

Here is one of my favourite teapots. It's the one that inspired me to use the shape of the teapot to inspire me to move in a different direction with my work in that line.

Updated Photos of my Jewellery

These pieces have been tried and true in my line of work since 2000. I just reshot the most recent ones for my catalogue sheets and my future website. If you're interested in any of the catalogue sheets, I can email you copies of them in PDF files.

New Jewellery Lines

Here are a couple of pictures of my new lines of jewellery. The first is my 'Funky Mosaic' which is not quite new, but the colours are though. The feathers are newly created and I love the earthy look to them. Mind you, I made them so I'm biased.

Wine, anyone?

While I'm awaiting my website to be updated(by me!.....don't hold your breath). I'm going to post my work on here instead.

Here are a couple of pics of some wine stoppers that I was inspired to create by a client of mine. These are handsculpted and clay components collaged onto it. Nothing was painted.