Friday, September 15, 2006

More teapots....

Here's a couple of teapots that I created for the Filberg Festival.

It's been awhile, my friends!

I've been a bad's been months since I've posted. Since it was the summer, I have an excuse. Was in Victoria, BC for a month and had a blast. It's great to be with my family. Can't wait to move out there next summer.

Danks(my hubby) and I spent the last 6 days up in Comox Valley at the Filberg Festival. Left the little one(Devon) with my parents. It's the longest we've been together alone since the birth of our little rugrat 3 years ago.

The show was amazing! We did very well....the best summer festival I've ever attended. Wall to wall people in a wonderful and relaxed setting. The Filberg Park is beautiful and I can see why this festival has been so popular for the last 20 years. The weather was great this year for the show. Aside from the dust being kicked up from the path, there were no problems what so ever. Though it was a hectic was still quite relaxing Hopefully I'll get in it again next year.