Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Artist's Life is full of Surprises!

When I thought I was all done with prep for my upcoming wholesale show this weekend, I decide to add another product! I've been toying with a flower pendant idea for a month or so now but have been waiting for the bails I've ordered for them also. Well, they arrived this week and I decided to try them out.

Lo and behold, I love the results! And realized they should also be added to my wholesale lines for this upcoming Spring. I don't do retail shows till the Christmas season, so they have to offered my shops for sale. I worked frantically this week and came up with 6 colour patterns for my clients to choose from and in 2 styles, a simple, origami inspired petal and a funky, frilly petal one! I always ask myself why I do this to myself, but I really can't control how my creativity works. It doesn't understand deadlines much.


Rosangela Brino said...

Wanda, your work is perfect and original. Congratulations. Hugs from Brazil.

Joshua Cayer said...

Hello! Just wondering if you might be able to email me. I have discovered one of either your newer or older products and I was wondering if you might be able to tell me a bit about it. Thanks. My email is

shibori girl said...

I found your wonderful blog through a pin on pinterest. And here I sit, after losing myself and all sense of time in the photos of your wonderful pieces.

Your teapots are fabulous!


Sandi Kennedy said...

Marie, Help me!! I'm trying to find stings of lights like the lamp above. I was given a long string of about 30 lights and have worn them out. I love them and can't find them. Can you help me? You can text me at 407-592-9028. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Sandi