Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rainbows and Piggy!

I had a neat little project on my agenda beginning of this year. I did a wonderful trade with Peggy Brackett of KilnArt, a beautiful bracelet for a piggy bank! Now, I got this bracelet a year and a half Peggy's been waiting patiently for her piggy. I spent the past week working on making the perfect piggy for Peggy and I think I did!

This little piggy is covered in a rainbow array of flowers that were created in only one cane. I took a rainbow coloured skinner blend and designed the pattern in such a way that when I cut through the cane, the colours changed. I really loved the simplicity of the design and the piggy was a great shape to illustrate this technique very well.


Pat Haight said...

He is just TOO cute, and I love the color!

Mimi said...

This is awesome!! You can be proud of the results of this little piggy, he is beautiful.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Wanda,
I've been thinking of this cane (and Piggy) since I first saw the post! I think it's amazing. I decided to try something like it , as I'm sure several others have, and failed miserably! Which just goes to show how brilliant you are!!!! I realize now all the steps I messed up but I'm still in awe that you came up with it!
Your "swap partner" is so lucky to have this piece!!!

petozi Design said...
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petozi Design said...

Hi Wanda,
what a wonderful colored cane!!!
greetings from Germany

Priscilla said...

This looks like the cane by Beth Curran from Columbus, Ohio, that was published in an article in Polymer Cafe. Beth is a scientist and wonderful inventor of new ideas with polymer. It's amazing to get all the varied colors from one cane.