Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year, A New Project!

Cannot believe another year's over! It was a successful show season and I've been taking it easy since the end of Butterdome in the beginning of December and enjoying the company of my family and friends.

But alas, it's time to get back to work and creating. I'm taking a bit of time off right now to create pieces for my own pleasure and to feed my artistic soul. I've had a few lamps in my studio that I've been meaning to work on but nothing had materialized till now. I had made a translucent floral petal cane last Spring, but the idea didn't gel at that time. Then all of the sudden, right as I was deciding on making an 'art' piece...the idea just flowed for me and I want to share the end result!

It's a waterlily themed lamp with dragonflies...I hope you enjoy it!


2 Good Claymates said...

That is gorgeous Wanda! Especially love the way you did the flower center and the water effect.

bjonda said...

Very nice work!

DyLinn said...


Gera Scott Chandler said...

Gloriously gorgeous W!!
You had these on the backburner for a while and it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!


PLaneFancies said...


Heather said...

These are really wonderful- so glad I found your blog. Do you mind sharing how you added color to the translucent clay? I never copy people's work but I am very interested in new techniques.

Wanda said...

Heather, I do have colour transparent clay by fimo...have had it for a long time. Some of the colours are made by mixing little bits of regular colour into regular transparent. Haven't tried inks in it yet, but I wonder if that would work also.

Créations said...

Wouah! It's wonderful!!! I love.
I like to buy you the tuto if it is possible.
Yours items are really very beautifuls!!


Bonnie Leigh said...

I Absolutely LOVE THEM!!!

I carve on Gourds and was thinking of making a lamp with one
Not Going to Copy but would like to know what you use for the light and where did you get them???
ARE OR ARE you ever going to do a "tute" on them???