Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creativity revealed!

I decided to show you how an idea for a teapot is created. I have had the idea of combining two of my loves, orchids and frogs for about a year now. I finally starting working on it this past weekend. Through my process, I decided on putting the design on a teapot. I've chosen my teapot and now I reveal some of the background work I do before I even start applying any detailing on the actual teapot.

Since majority of my teapot detailing are caned, I still have alot of canes to maked before I even start working on it. Just thought you may like a sneak peek into my creative process.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda

Great updates on the blog. Your newest frog is adorable, the orchid beautiful! The teapot is going to be amazing when done. I hope you post more pictures as the project progresses.


Gera Scott Chandler said...

Fantastic! you've been tagged for a major award- check my blog!