Friday, May 23, 2008

Goodbye Newfoundland...I've found out what your beauty is....

Finally! I'm back in wireless internet world! Spending a couple of weeks of only having dial up access was like the stone ages for me. I can't believe this technology has grown so fast.

We left Deer Lake, NFLD yesterday and I miss it already. Though it only boasts a Tim Horton's as its only coffee place and a handful of places to eat was one of the warmest places I've ever visited. It helps when people always call you 'M'Love' when you talk to them :)

I had 3 goals when I was there...see a moose(Newfie speedbump), icebergs, and having fresh lobsters(ate 5 1/2 of them)! I completed all of them and then some! I saw a cariboo! It truly is God's country and probably one of the world's best kept secrets. I sure found it suprising how different it is from one coast of Canada to the other. Our country is surely a place I want to explore more of.

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