Friday, October 05, 2007

Back to the WetCoast!

Well, I really should get on this more often. But as usual, life takes control and goes by quicker than I can blink!

This summer has flown by with our family moving back to my hometown of Victoria. Rough life moving from Winterpeg to Victoria (twist my rubber arm, as most Canadians would understand what I'm talking about). The most challenging of feats is moving the entire contents of our home into my mom's house (which is already full). We're slowly unpacking (still) and will continue to till all is done (whenever that is!).

Filberg Festival was a success again this year! I really love this show. Well managed and well attended. With beautiful weather and great musical acts (including Bruce Cockburn), it was successful for both the artisans and the attendees.

Presently, I'm busy making stock for orders and for my two Christmas shows this year. I'll be at the Calgary Art Market and the Winnipeg Signatures Craft Sale in the month of November. This will keep me quite occupied till after the Christmas season. Guess when it rains, it really pours. Hope my boxes containing my home will be able to wait for me!

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